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PlasTHER is a COST-Action Dealing with Therapeutical Applications of Cold Plasmas , with the participation of 24 countries as partners.

Despite scientific and technological progress in the medical field, the treatments available today are still not completely effective concerning the fight against cancer, tissue regeneration and repair or drug-resistant pathogens, including newly emerging infections.

Besides, some of the currently associated therapies associate high economic and/or societal costs. In this sense, Cold Atmospheric Plasmas have emerged as a powerful technique involving a vast number of reactive species (molecules, atoms, ions, electrons, photons, UV & visible radiation) which have been demonstrated to affect cells through complex biochemical procedures, opening a great window of opportunity in the novel area known as Plasma Medicine.

This has led to an exponential increase in the research in different areas of plasma medicine, including cancer, tissue regeneration and repair, and antimicrobial action which are the focus of this PlasTHER COST Action.

However, many challenges still threaten this promising field to move forward. In these circumstances, PlasTHER COST Action aims at establishing a synergistic network that articulates researchers, the medical community, industry, or patient associations, among others, and coordinates the European activity in this domain to foster the leadership of Europe in this emerging field.

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