About the action
The main aim of the PlasTHER COST Action is to exploit the unprecedented possibilities of atmospheric pressure plasmas in medicine to share, develop and consolidate suitable therapies currently under investigation to make Europe’s science and healthcare world leaders in this field.

This will be associated with gaining and sharing fundamental knowledge that will lead to improving the performance of the therapies for the benefit of the patients.

In this regard, the intensification of research in the last 5 years in different areas of Plasma Medicine – particularly sterilisation and decontamination, wound healing and cancer treatment – urgently requires the harmonisation of protocols, and the gathering the knowledge generated in a common direction to allow all the efforts and public investment done up to now in basic and applied science to be translated into benefits for the society and the healthcare system.

Suitable articulation of the powerful scientific background generated should allow raising the general level of awareness (especially in Europe) of the potential of this technology and allow Europe to lead the race for Plasma Medicine, where Asia and USA are strong competitors.

This will be done through four different axes
Focusing simultaneously in the basic scientific fundamentals, as well in the application and translation of the therapy.
Creation of a strongly interdisciplinary research network breaking the classical research field borders 
Sharing the latest advances in the basic mechanisms regarding the action of plasmas, associated to the most suitable CAP devices and operational conditions for efficient therapies
Generation of harmonised protocols within the community in the different therapeutic areas involved, and definition of a roadmap for each of them
Broad dissemination of the results to all stakeholders
Detailed list of Research Coordination and Capacity-building objectives
can be found in the technical annex of the MoU